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Født 1981 i Zrenjanin, Serbien. Har nu sit atelier i Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Uddannet på det serbiske kunstakademi Akademija Umenosti Novi Sad og derefter på UdK Berlin.
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My work is focused on Human Beings, their position in the world and their interpersonal relations. That is where the feelings are, and that is what links us together. Figures are often appearing from, and then disappearing, back into an abstract space, which causes the feeling of a constant flow within the painting. The spaces and the figures in most of my works are both part of one being.
I am very interested in connection between people, and I believe that is what we live for. It makes me also interested in its opponents: disconnection, conflict; everything that divides us. 
Growing up in a conflict country made me curious about relationships between people. And also made me wonder if there are similarities to the relationship between a male and a female?

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