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Heather Gartside is a British photographer, author and designer, and has lived in several countries around the world,  eventually settling in Denmark. She currently resides in North Zealand, where she often finds inspiration in the landscapes surrounding her. She can be captivated by items that seem simple at a glance, but which can take on a new life once recorded by her camera. Her ideas derive from spending many hours alone in nature, searching for compositions which give the impression that she is almost painting with her camera rather than simply ’taking photographs’. 


´My medium is digital photography; my inspiration is the Danish landscape. It comes from complexity and simplicity, chaos and order; sometimes in a sideways glance, but generally stumbled upon after many hours alone in nature. I search for a different way to see things, to capture images that tell a timeless story but which might otherwise have passed by unnoticed´

Heathers værker til salg her >> 

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