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Born in Norway to Danish and British parents, Sasha currently studying Fine Art in Scotland. As photographer she seeks to illuminate the darkness with her keen eye for colour, light and shade. Her work shows an inquisitive reappraisal of seemingly mundane and predictable scenes, which leaves the viewer reexamining their preconceptions of what normality is.


’I am most familiar with digital photography, and use my Canon EOS 77D 18-55mm for my photos. I find great joy in noticing and capturing small nuances, ways of being, things and emotions that would otherwise be overlooked. With the small moments, I can, through light, darkness, colour and atmosphere, preserve them in my images. And with further editing in Photoshop to remove any distractions I obtain a clean and elegant result. I love strong colours, and being comfortable with them is a very important element of my art.’

Sasha Knudsen

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